Accept tracked changes

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Applies to: Word for Office 365, Word 2019, Word 2016, Word 2013.

Regardless of whether Tracked Changes is currently dormant, there’s a chance that your document has coloured underlines and strikethrough, flagging insertions and deletions that were created as suggestions while Track Changes was activated.

The markings are noticeable to anyone who selects All Markup or Simple Markup in the Tracking element of the Review tab.

Simple Markup

Delete the markings by accepting or rejecting the changes. Select the buttons in the Changes section of the Review tab.

Changes section

  • Previous and Next move you from one change to the next.
  • Accept enforces a permanent change.
  • Reject eliminates a change.

Practice with Track Changes and other collaboration features in Word by downloading this Collaborate in Word learning guide.

Tip: To accept or reject changes simultaneously, choose the arrow on the Accept or Reject button, and then click Accept All Changes or Reject All Changes.

Accept all changes

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