Access your apps in Teams

Applies to: Microsoft Teams.

View your apps

Press More apps More options button on the left side of Teams. Within, you’ll see:

  • Your personal apps. Any app you’ve added that provides a personal view or workspace.
  • Your team apps. Apps that have been created by your IT admin or a colleague  for the teams you’re in.
  • Custom apps you’ve uploaded. If you’re a developer and have uploaded custom apps, you’ll notice all those here as well.

Anytime one of your team apps has an update to share with you, a red number emerges beside the app icon, informing you the number of notifications you have.

More apps

View apps for a particular team

Locate the team name, then select More options More options button > Manage team > Apps.

You’ll observe the apps applied for your team, and you can remove and create apps from this screen as well!

Haven’t added any apps yet? 

Find Apps  Store button in the left side of Teams and browse what’s on offer. Please note, some apps necessitate you to sign in with account credentials.

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