Accessibility and ease of use

If you are using screen reader, such as Narrator or JAWS in Windows, then use your keyboard to move around Word, and the screen reader will declare your location.

Open a recent document

  1. Tap Alt+F, and then O.
  2. Press Tab once to arrive at the list of recent documents, and then press Tab twice more to enter the list.
  3. Press the Down arrow key until you hear the relevant document name of the document, followed by touching Enter.

Create a new blank document

  1. Select Ctrl+N.
  2. You will hear the standard name of the document (like, “Document 1”), then “Editing.”

Save a document

Press Ctrl+S.


  • Save to an alternate location by pressing Shift+Tab thrice, followed by tapping the Up or Down arrow until you hear your sought location. Then hit Enter.
  • Save the file with a changed name by pressing Tab until you hear, “File name,” and the file name. Enter your ideal name, and select Enter.

Read a document

With the focus in the main document, apply the following keyboard combinations. To cease reading the document, press Ctrl.

To read this…Press this
From the cursor location to the end Caps Lock+M
Current paragraph Caps Lock+Ctrl+L
Next or previous line Down or Up arrow key
Next or previous word Ctrl+Right or Ctrl+Left arrow key

Search for a word

  1. Press Ctrl+F. You hear: “Navigation, Search a document.”
  1. Enter your search terms. The list of search results is updated as you enter.
  1. Press Tab until you hear, “Search results list,” then the inital result.
  1. Press the Down arrow key to navigate through the list.

Print documents

Press Ctrl+P. To print with the preset settings, press Enter.

Tips: To alter the print settings, press Tab to move through the options.

  • Within each list of options, press Tab and use the Down and Up arrow keys to switch from option to option. To choose an option, press Enter.
  • To print with the updated settings, press Tab until you hear, “Print button,” and then tap Enter.

Discover more

For further screen-reader instructions, containing steps for using Word in Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android, see Basic tasks using a screen reader with Word

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