Add a picture to a page in OneNote for Windows 10

Applies to: OneNote for Windows 10.

You can insert a picture to any page in OneNote for Windows 10.

Insert a picture from your computer

  1. Click Insert > Pictures > From File.
  1. Pick your desired picture to insert, and press Open.

Tip: If you don’t see the picture you’re looking for, you can sort by name, change the location, or go up in the folder structure. Select the arrows next to the headings in the box to navigate to your file.

Insert a picture from your camera

If you have a tablet with a camera, it’s basic to take photos and add them directly into OneNote.

  1. Click Insert > Pictures > From Camera. Your device’s camera will launch.
  1. Based on what device you’re using, you might be able to apply some basic edits prior to adding your photo. After you’re finished, your photo will be added straight into your page.

Insert an online picture

If you don’t have the best picture on your computer, consider adding one from an online source, like Bing.

  1. Click Insert > Pictures > From Online. The Online Pictures pane will open.
  1. In the Search box, enter a word or phrase that summarises your desired picture, and then press Search. You can contain words like clip art in your search phrase if you are precisely looking for that kind of picture.
  1. Select your preferred picture to add it on your page.

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