Add an App Part to a classic page

Applies to: SharePoint Online, SharePoint Foundation 2013, SharePoint Server 2013 Enterprise, SharePoint Server 2013.

Some apps for SharePoint contain App Parts that you can import to a page on your SharePoint site to present data or information related to the app. If you’ve installed a third-party app from the SharePoint Store, the details or description for that app should inform you whether or not the app includes an App Part.

On the site to which you’ve added an app, locate your particular page for adding the App Part.

  1. Select Settings Office 365 Settings button > Edit page.
  1. Click in your desired area on your sought page for inserting the App Part.
  1. On the Insert tab of the ribbon, press App Part.
  1. Below Parts, select the name of the App Part you want to install (it should be similar to the name of the app itself), and then press Add.

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