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Applies to: SharePoint Online, SharePoint Server 2016, SharePoint Foundation 2013, SharePoint Server 2013 Enterprise, SharePoint Online Small Business.

Apps for SharePoint are minute, readily usable, independent applications that conduct tasks or resolve specific business needs. You can create apps to your site to customise it with specific functionality or to present information liketime and expense tracking. Or you could insert apps that undertake multiple document-based tasks. You can also design apps that highlight news or information from third-party websites or that connect to social websites.

You may be able to combine apps to your site from a numerous sources. For example, if your organisation has developed custom apps for internal business use, you can add these from your organisation’s App Catalogue by browsing the apps under From Your Organisation. You can also purchase apps from third-party developers by browsing the SharePoint store. If you’ve worked with older versions of SharePoint, note that native SharePoint features like lists and document libraries are now considered “built-in apps,” and you can also import them by using the Add an app command.

Add an app to your site

  1. On your desired site to insert an app, select Settings Office 365 Settings button and then press Add an app.
  1. On the Your Apps page, do one of the following:
To do this

Do this

Add a built-in SharePoint app, such as a document library

a. In the search box, state the name of your target built-in app to create (for example, document library). Press ENTER.

b. Select the app to insert it, and then supply any essential information.

For more information about working with common built-in apps, see:
Video: Create a list

Video: Introduction to libraries

Video: Create your own calendar

Good to know:

You can append several results of a build-in app to a site to serve varying needs.

You must have at least Designer privileges to add a built-in app.
Add an app from your organisationa. Press From Your Organisation.

Quick Launch bar with From your organization highlighted

b. Browse the filtered list of apps, and choose your preferred option to add.
Download an app from the SharePoint storeSelect SharePoint Store.

View of SharePoint Store app selection
b. After you are asked if you want to trust the app, review the information about the app’s capabilities, and then press Trust It to add the app.

c. On the SharePoint Store page, use the Categories on the left to filter the selection and browse for your desired app.
Or, if you already know the name or tag for the app you want, you can input straight into the search box and search for it directly.

d. Pick your desired app to add. Pick Details or Reviews to learn more about the app.

e. If you’re purchasing this app, use the drop-down list beneath the price to elaborate whether you are buying it for your personal use or by many people. If required, specify the number of user licences you want to buy.

f. To buy the app, press Buy It. (If it’s a free app, click Add it.)

g. Follow the steps to log in with your Microsoft account to buy the app.

h. Once you’re asked if you want to trust the app, review the Terms & Conditions and the Privacy Statement from the app developer, and then select Trust It.

i. The app will now present itself on the Site Contents page. You can access the app by pressing it on the Site Contents Page, which will take you to the app.

Good to know:

You must have Full Control permissions to add apps from the SharePoint Store. You already have this if you are a Site Owner.

Microsoft account is not the same thing as a work or school account associated with Microsoft 365. If you’re a Microsoft 365 customer, and you don’t already have a Microsoft account, you can sign up for one using your Microsoft 365 e-mail address.

Some apps in the SharePoint Store are free, while others are available for purchase.

If your admin has not configured your site to allow users to buy apps, you may still be able to request an app. The person in your organisation who manages the App Catalogue site can approve or deny requests for purchasing apps.

After you’ve installed an app, you can access it by using the Site Contents page. Go to Settings Office 365 Settings button , click Site contents, and then select the app to view the app page.

Depending on what task the app processes, it may even do things like add commands to the ribbon in libraries, add commands to the functionality of the item callout in lists or libraries, or it may include an App Part you can add to a page.

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