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Applies to: Microsoft Teams.

There are four areas you can go in Teams to create an app.

Not sure why you’d want to add an app in the first place? Get an overview by reading Five things to know about apps in Teams.

1. Add apps from the left side of Teams

Select Apps on the left of Teams, then search for your favourite app or browse the app categories to discover new ones.

Browse Apps in MS Teams

Pick your desired app and a description screen will launch. Take some time to browse the subsections (e.g., TabsMessagesPersonal app.) This area outlines the functionalities of the app—and where it will emerge in Teams, ready for you to deploy or programme.

Example of app description

With this process of adding the app, simply tap the Add button! This step is consistent from every location where you can insert an app. 

Note: Team owners can restrict who can add apps. Some apps can be installed only by a team owner, as they require additional permissions.

2. Add apps to a tab in a channel or a chat

In tabs, you can input apps to share content and work with others. 

Find the channel, group chat, or one-on-one conversation of your volition, and press Add a tab  Add button .

Add a tab to a channel

Within there, choose your preferred app. In some cases, you may proceed to apply a certain file to the tab.

3. Add app notifications to a channel

An app capability known as a Connector imports app notifications into a channel.

To configure one, locate your sought channel, click More options  More options button  > Connectors, and select an app. 

Choose connectors from menu

You’ll be offered the choice to Configure notifications for any app already inserted for your team or to Add a new app.

Add or configure a connector

4. Add apps from the messaging area

Some apps allow you to add content from the app right into Teams messages. To append one, click  More options button below the box where you enter a message and pick an app.

Box where you type messages

Another way to insert apps is to write @ in the box then select Get bots.

Get bots

Bots supply answers, updates, and assistance once you chat with them one-on-one or in channels.

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