Add or change your photo

Confirm or adjust your photo preferences in Skype for Business.

Add or change your photo

  1. Press your picture (or the avatar if you have not created one) in the Skype for Business main window to launch the Options box.
  1. Choose the Edit or Remove Picture button.

Important: If the Edit or Remove Picture button is greyed out (not available), your organisation has switched off the option that lets users update their picture settings. Consult your technical support staff if you have any queries about this policy.

  1. On your My account page in your Office 365 account, select the Upload photo link and find your preferred photo to be used.
  1. Click your photo and click Save.

Hide your photo

  1. Select Hide my picture.
  1. Press OK.

Hide everyone else’s photos

  1. Select your picture in the main window.
  1. Pick Personal.
  1. Below Show pictures, empty the Show Pictures of contacts checkbox.
  1. Pick OK.

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