Add or remove app notifications in a channel (Connectors)

Applies to: Microsoft Teams.

Are there specific app notifications that are beneficial to the whole team? You can join them to a channel.

Add notifications to a channel

Find your target channel, pick More options More options button > Connectors. 

You’ll be offered the option to Configure notifications for any app previously inserted for this team or to Add any new app.

Add or configure a connector

The included steps vary by app. Simply follow the set-up prompts, and you’ll be ready to get on with it!

Remove notifications from a channel

Locate the channel name and select More options More options button > Connectors.Choose connectors from menu

On the left below MANAGE, pick Configured. Then on the right, choose Configured Inverted caretwhich will display every notification you’ve created. Underneath is an example in which two Bing notifications had been set up.

Screen showing how to navigate to manage connectors

Tap Manage for your preferred app to erase. A dialogue window will emerge—each screen appear unique to some degree according to the app. Explore and select Remove to cease posting the app’s notifications in your channel.

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