Add RSS feeds from external sites to your site

Applies to: SharePoint Online, SharePoint Server 2016, SharePoint Foundation 2013, SharePoint Server 2013 Enterprise.

You can present information from an external site by inserting the RSS Viewer Web Part to a page on your site. For example, you can use the RSS Viewer Web Part to illustrate information like news and weather reports. To highlight several RSS feeds, only add numerous results of the Web Part to the page. Often, you can even use this Web Part to stay informed of changes in libraries, calendars, and lists on other sites.

Important: For SharePoint Online, the RSS Viewer Web Part is available only in classic SharePoint.

You must complete two things to apply and configure an RSS Viewer Web Part:

  1. Secure the URL for the RSS feed.
  1. Insert and configure the RSS Viewer Web Part.

Step 1: Get the URL for the RSS feed

The steps for acquiring the URL for your RSS feed could differ based on the source where you are obtaining the URL from.

  1. Visit the desired website, list, or library to get the RSS feed from.
  1. On the page or on the Internet Explorer toolbar, click the RSS logo RSS Image . The RSS feed appears in the browser.
  1. Right-click the Subscribe to this feed link, and then press Copy Shortcut.

Tip: Paste this address into Notepad or a blank document so that you can easily access it when you are configuring the RSS Viewer Web Part.

Important: The RSS Viewer Web Part cannot consume RSS feeds from another SharePoint site without some additional configuration by a server administrator, including enabling Kerberos authentication on the SharePoint farm where your site is hosted. It cannot consume any RSS feeds from SharePoint Online sites.

Step 2: Add and configure the RSS Viewer Web Part

  1. Find the specific page on the site where you want to create an RSS Viewer Web Part.
  1. At the top of the page, to edit the page, click Edit Edit Icon .

Note: If the Edit command doesn’t appear, you probably don’t have permission to edit the page.

  1. Click the place where you want to add the RSS Viewer Web Part, and then click Insert > Web Part.
  1. Under Categories, click Content Rollup. Under Web Parts, click the RSS Viewer Web Part, and then click Add (Look for the button way over to the right in a site configured for left-to-right languages).
  1. In the RSS Viewer Web Part, click the Open the tool pane link. If a dialog box appears asking whether you want to save your changes before continuing, click OK.
  1. In the RSS Viewer tool pane, paste the URL for the RSS Feed into the RSS Feed URL box.
RSS Viewer Web Part Properties
  1. In the Feed Limit box, state your desired amount of items you prefer the viewer to indicate at once.
  1. Amend other Web Part properties, if necessary.
  1. Once you are done, click OK. The RSS feed appears in the Web Part.

Find links to more information about RSS and using RSS feeds in the See Also section.

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