Add staff to your booking calendar in Microsoft Teams

You’ll seek to add all people who conduct appointments to your booking calendar, alongside anyone who aids with scheduling tasks.

  1. Choose Add Staff from the upper right side of the app.

    Add staff in the Teams Bookings app
  2. Input a name or e-mail address, choose an exact match, and tap Add.
  3. Pick a role from the drop-down adjacent to the staff name. Every role is outlined in the table below.
ViewerReceive meeting invites to bookings in Outlook. You’ll get reminders, change notifications, and cancellations, too.

View your own bookings on your personal calendar in Outlook or Teams.

Join or conduct a virtual appointment via a Microsoft Teams Meeting link.

Note: Viewers are internal staff members but they cannot access the Bookings app from within Teams.
AdminPerform all actions of a Viewer.

Access the Bookings app in Teams.

Add and remove staff.

Create, edit, or delete bookings.

Edit all settings.
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The Bookings app in Teams syncs up with Outlook. When you add staff, you’ll be able to check that person’s calendar availability and schedule bookings for them.

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