Adding values in spreadsheets

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A fast and simple way to adding values in spreadsheets is through AutoSum. Firstly, choose an empty cell right below a column of data. Then, select AutoSum > Sum on the Formula tab. As a result, Excel will now capture the range to be added. (AutoSum can even work along the same row if you pick an empty cell to the right of the cells to be summed.)

You can use the AutoSum Wizard for adding values in spreadsheets to automatically build a Sum formula.  Select a range above/beneath or left/right of the range to be summed and goto the Formula tab on the Ribbon, then select AutoSum & SUM.

AutoSum builds the formula for you, saving you from having to type at all. However, if you prefer entering the formula manually, see the SUM function

Add based on conditions

  • Use the SUMIF function for any time you want to adding values in spreadsheets with one condition. For example, when you have to calculate the total sales of one product.
  • Use the SUMIFS function for when you want to sum values with several conditions. For instance, you may want to add up the total sales of a given product, within a certain sales region.

Add or subtract dates

For a summary of how to add or take away dates, see Add or subtract dates. For more complex date calculations, see Date and time functions.

Add or subtract time

For a summary of how to add or subtract time, see Add or subtract time. For different time calculations, see Date and time functions.

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