Adjust your view in a Teams meeting

Applies to: Microsoft Teams.

Teams attempts to predict what you’ll want to observe in a meeting. Once someone begins talking, we present them. After someone shares content, we display that.

But when you’d prefer to watch something else, there are some ways to notify Teams.

Switch between people and content

Once someone’s sharing a presentation, you can alternate between viewing that content and watching the people in the room by just selecting your target video you’re motivated by. Experiment this anytime there’s a presentation occurring in a meeting room and you seek to watch the speaker and analyse their body language. 

Pin a video

To focus on a particular video, right-click and click Pin. The video will be pinned to your view no matter who’s talking. You can pin several videos as long as they fit on your screen. If you reconsider, right-click again and tap Unpin.

Reframe a video

Teams crops some videos to ensure they fit your screen effectively. If you seek an adjusted view of a specific video—for example, if someone’s cropped out of the video or it only presents some of their face—right-click and choose Fit to frame to view the full video.

Click Fill frame to notice a closer, cropped view.

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