Video: Align and position shapes

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Align your shapes in direct lines with equal spacing to make your diagram look more presentable.

Position shapes manually

  1. Insert a shape on the drawing page.
  1. Drag a second shape onto the drawing page, and locate it near the first one. Alignment guides indicate how the two shapes align to each other.
  1. Proceed to add shapes and review the alignment guides for consistent spacing.

Align and space shapes automatically

  1. Choose your preferred shapes to be aligned.To align all the shapes on the drawing page, pick a blank area of the page.
  1. Pick Home > Position > Auto Align & Space.

Align shapes without changing the spacing

  1. Click the shape that the other shape will align to.
  1. Pick the other shapes.
  1. Press Home > Align.
  1. Click an alignment option to preview the effect.
  1. Decide an alignment that works for your diagram.

Set an equal distance between shapes

  1. Choose the shapes you want to space.
  1. Pick Home > Position > Spacing Options.
  1. Enter in the distance between shapes.
  1. Press OK.

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