Basic Tasks/Commands for OneNote Windows 10

Produce a new workbook

  • Select the Show Notebooks button <, on any page.
  • At the base of the pane that comes up, click + Notebook.
  • Type a name for the recent workbook before choosing Create Notebook.

Switch notebooks

  • On any page, select the Show Notebooks button <.
  • In the pane that shows, simply click the name of the notebook you would like to switch to. NB: Click More Notebooks if you can’t find whichever notebook you want.

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Type or write notes

To make typed or handwritten notes, do any of these suggestions:

  • Click or hit the page header right at the top of the page (directly in front of the date and time stamp) to type a page title.
  • Click or press anywhere on the present page and begin typing.
  • Click or hit any other place on the same page to create a new note and start typing.
  • Use either the complimentary pen or stylus with your device to handwrite notes clearly on a touchscreen. Click the Draw tab to use your finger to draw or write, and next, click or press the Draw with Mouse or Touch icon.

Save your notes

Since OneNote is equipped with AutoSave, there is no default Save button in OneNote for Windows 10. You can however. select the Undo button adjacent to the top right of the app window.

Choose text with touch

  • Double-top the text you want to choose.
  • Change your choice by dragging the two selection markers to the start and end of the text you wish to select.
  • NB: When a sentence or text paragraph is highlighted, you can either cut, copy, format, move, or simply delete it.

Format text

  • Decide the text you wish to format (click and drag – mouse and keyboard; double-tap a word and drag the selection markers – touchscreen device.
  • Any unnecessary formatting can be reverted by clicking Undo by the top right corner of the window.

Use ink to highlight/annotate your notes

  1. On the Draw tab, click or press the Draw with Mouse or Touch icon.
  2. Select the highlighter icon by the left, and use the colour and thickness you need.
  3. Use your device’s pen or stylus or use your finger or mouse to highlight any section of your notes.

NB: Press or tap the Draw with Mouse or Touch icon to exit drawing mode.

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