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Sort your tasks into buckets

  1. At the top of your project, select Board, and pick Group by Progress, and click Bucket.
  1. Press Add bucket, enter your bucket name, then choose Enter.
  1. Keep doing this until you have each bucket you require. As well as this, you can rename the standard To-do bucket.
  1. Drag-and-drop tasks to the bucket they fit in. 
The Group by Progress dropdown in Planner, showing Bucket as the selection
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Creating a Bucket name in the Board view for Planner
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You can also view and edit which task belongs in which bucket in Grid view by selecting Add column, and then pressing Bucket.

Add dependencies

Use dependencies to group together tasks in your schedule that must finish or start following or preceding one another. The tasks will be linked in your Timeline, aiding you organise dates for your project.

  1. At the top of your project, press Timeline.
  2. To associate individual tasks with dependencies:
  • Select a dot at the end of a task’s bar and drag it to the start of the adjacent task’s bar. This highlights that the first task has to be completed prior to commencing the second task.
  1. To link numerous tasks with dependencies:

a. Choose the initial task and drag the mouse to the final task you want to link.

b. Pick the vertical dots next to any of the task names, and press Add dependency.

  1. To erase dependencies, select the vertical dots by a task name and pick Remove dependencies.
The Timeline view in Planner, showing two dependent tasks
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Add finish and start dates

When you construct a project using durations and dependencies, Project assigns your start and finish dates intuitively. If you must edit these:

  1. Open task details:
  • In GridTimeline view by selecting the “i” next to the task.
  • In Board view by pressing the task name.
  1. Type your new dates in the Start and Finish boxes. Ensure to note how this update changes tasks that are dependent on the task you modified.

Add notes

  1. Open task details, and then press Add a note.
  1. Input a description or important information to be reminded about this task.

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