Video: Plan an event

Try it! Use Microsoft Planner to arrange an event, like tracking a product launch. Work with buckets Use buckets to organise tasks by type, including event planning, marketing and ad collateral, and PR. Click Add new bucket and enter a new task category. Choose + to insert tasks to a bucket, and input a name. Press Add Task. WorkContinue reading “Video: Plan an event”

View results in Microsoft Forms

Try it! Once you’ve made your form, modify its settings, and share your form with others, you can now check the results. Bring up whichever form you want to evaluate the results of, and then pick the Responses tab. Choose View results to review separate details for each respondent, like the time it took to do your form andContinue reading “View results in Microsoft Forms”

Share a form in Microsoft Forms

Try it! Typically, only people inside your organisation can send responses to your form or quiz. To enable anyone to submit responses, choose the drop-down Only people in my organisation can respond and then press Anyone with the link can respond. Note: Only people in my organisation can respond setting is exclusive for Office 365 Education and Office 365 Commercial subscribers. To discover thisContinue reading “Share a form in Microsoft Forms”

Create a form in Microsoft Forms

Try it! Create questions to construct a survey, quiz, or poll very quickly. Below My Forms, pick New Form or New Quiz. Label your form. Additionally, you can type an optional description for this. Choose Add Question to insert a new question to a form or quiz. Pick Preview at the head of the design window to check how your formContinue reading “Create a form in Microsoft Forms”

Microsoft Forms Quick Start – Sign in to Microsoft Forms

Design surveys, quizzes, and polls, and quickly view results in real-time. Invite others to complete your form using any web browser, and also including mobile devices. Use pre-loaded analytics to assess responses once they’re sent. Export form data, like quiz results, to Excel for further examination or grouping. Sign in Sign in with your Office 365Continue reading “Microsoft Forms Quick Start – Sign in to Microsoft Forms”