OneDrive for Business Basics

For Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome: Choose Upload > Files or Upload > Folder. Find the files or folder you want to upload. Click Open or Select Folder. For other browsers: Choose Upload, select the files you want to upload, and click Open. If Upload > Folder doesn’t appear, you will need to create aContinue reading “OneDrive for Business Basics”

Personal Sharing of Files and Folders in OneDrive

Sharing via a link Choose the files/folders you wish to share, then select Share. Click Allow editing to grant permission to edit the file. Uncheck Allow editing to accept viewing, but not modify the files. Click Get a link. Press Copy. Choose More to view your social media selection. Sharing via e-mail Choose the files/photosContinue reading “Personal Sharing of Files and Folders in OneDrive”

OneDrive Basics

Use OneDrive in your browser Sign in at Right-click a file, then pick a command. Uploading and saving files and folders For Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome: With other browsers: Save a file to OneDrive (via Office 365, 2019, or 2016) Click File > Save As > OneDrive > Personal. Choose Enter File NameContinue reading “OneDrive Basics”