Video – See your Planner schedule in Outlook calendar

Try it! Manage your time more effectively by observing your Planner tasks on your Outlook calendar. Add your plan to Outlook calendar By the top of your Planner board, choose the three dots … Press Add plan to Outlook calendar. Notes: If you notice this option, the plan owner must publish the plan as an Outlook calendar: ClickContinue reading “Video – See your Planner schedule in Outlook calendar”

Video – Use Schedule view in Microsoft Planner

Try it! Use Schedule view to organise your tasks on calendar. View and manage tasks Click Schedule. You can look by Month or Week. Press Week. Direct your cursor towards a date and choose + to add a task. Drag the side of the task to alter the task’s dates. Manage unscheduled tasks See tasks without start and due dates below UnscheduledContinue reading “Video – Use Schedule view in Microsoft Planner”

Video – Create a new plan in the same group

Try it! With Microsoft Planner, you can produce a new plan in the existing group. Click New plan. Type in a plan name. Choose Add to an existing Office 365 Group. Filter for a group or pick one from the list. Press Choose Group. Tap Create plan. Want more? Create a plan in Microsoft Planner Discover moreContinue reading “Video – Create a new plan in the same group”

Video – Create a plan with Planner in Teams

Try it! While you’re using Microsoft Teams, organise your tasks by placing one or several Planner tabs to a team channel. Once done, you can subsequently proceed with your plan from within Teams or in Planner for web, relocate or erase your plan, and get informed in Teams when a task has been assigned toContinue reading “Video – Create a plan with Planner in Teams”

Video – Manage your tasks in Microsoft Planner

Try it! There are many ways to view and update your tasks in Microsoft Planner. Filter your tasks Click Filter. Type a keyword or pick a Due date, Label, Bucket, or Assignment. To clear a filter, select Clear. Use Group by Find Group by. Pick an option: Bucket, Assigned to, Progress, Due date, or Labels. Change task details Drag a task from one column to anotherContinue reading “Video – Manage your tasks in Microsoft Planner”

Video – Build your plan in Microsoft Planner

Try it! With Planner, you can build a simple yet powerful project plan for your team. Create a plan on Planner for the web Click +New plan. Type a plan name. Either: Choose Create plan to create a new group, or Press Add to an existing Office 365 Group. Pick a group, Choose Group, and then Create plan. Add aContinue reading “Video – Build your plan in Microsoft Planner”

Video: Organise your team’s tasks

Try it! Using Microsoft Planner, you can cooperate on a project with a team, check progress reports, and track individual assignments. Open Planner Press the App launcher, All apps, then Planner. To pin Planner to the highest level of the app launcher, click the three dots, then Pin to launcher. Planner and Office 365 groups Planner functions with OfficeContinue reading “Video: Organise your team’s tasks”

Video: Track a process

Try it! Microsoft Planner is useful for tracking a process such as following patients from scheduling to follow-up. Create a task Create a task at the outset of your workflow. Press + to create a task. Enter the patient’s ID number. Decide a due date. Click Assign to offer the task to someone, and then pick Add Task.Continue reading “Video: Track a process”

Publish content

Try it! Trust Microsoft Planner to monitor the writing and publishing process for articles and blog posts. Track a task with buckets and labels Utilise buckets and labels to arrange and track tasks. Produce different buckets to observe and review the status of a task. Pick a task and then insert or delete labels toContinue reading “Publish content”

Video: Support customers

Try it! Use Microsoft Planner to monitor customer support issues, such as running a small IT support team. Move a task With buckets structured by priority, you can rearrange tasks from one bucket to another according to their deadline. Pick a task you want to reprioritise and then switch it to your sought bucket. SeeContinue reading “Video: Support customers”