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Sway Quick Start – Design and share in Sway

Change the design In the Design tab on the menu bar, click Styles. Pick your ideal theme. Choose Customise in the Styles pane to modify a precise aspect of the existing theme, such as colour, font choices, and the emphasis of animation. Tip: You can pick Remix! in the Styles pane to relay a random design to your Sway randomly. Press Remix! repeatedly until you see the rightContinue reading “Sway Quick Start – Design and share in Sway”

Sway Quick Start – Add content in Sway

Add content to your Sway Pick the + icon at the bottom of your desired card to create content after. Choose text, image, video, or other content types. Find content to add to your Sway You can filter for and insert further content to your Sway, like an image that is reserved on your computer or mobileContinue reading “Sway Quick Start – Add content in Sway”

Sway Quick Start – Create in Sway

Start creating You can design a new Sway from scratch, from content in a current, or from a topic. Pick Get started. On the Welcome to Sway page, click one of the following: Create New – to begin using a blank workspace. Start from a topic – to have Sway offer initial content for you. Enter your topic inContinue reading “Sway Quick Start – Create in Sway”

Sway Quick Start – Sign in to Sway

In this course: Easily integrate text, images, videos, and other content in an interactive online format. Transfer designer-created layouts and colour schemes, or permit Sway to recommend design elements that suit your content. Search and import compatible content from a wide range of sources. Share your completed Sways online. Sign in Visit sway.office.com. Press Sign in onContinue reading “Sway Quick Start – Sign in to Sway”