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Microsoft To-Do Quick Start -Set up your To-Do mobile apps

Set up your mobile apps Manage your tasks at your convenience from any place – whether at work, at home, or while you’re out and about. Set up the Microsoft To-Do apps on your mobile device. Choose your mobile device  iOS  Android For more info, see Set up Office apps and email on a mobile device.

Microsoft To-Do Quick Start -Add due dates and reminders

Add due dates and reminders in Microsoft To Do Use due dates and reminders to record every task and stay on track. Scheduled tasks will instinctively emerge in the Planned smart list. Just click Planned to view your tasks due Today, Tomorrow and beyond in a single location.  Create a due date Choose a task.Continue reading “Microsoft To-Do Quick Start -Add due dates and reminders”

Microsoft To-Do Quick Start -Create and share lists

Create a list Press or select + New List. This forms a list with the title Untitled List. To change its name, pick it and enter a new name. Create a to-do Press + Add a task, write the task, and choose Enter. Your latest task is created at the end of your list. Share aContinue reading “Microsoft To-Do Quick Start -Create and share lists”

Microsoft To-Do Quick Start -Plan and connect

Plan and connect in Microsoft To Do Use My Day and suggestions to organise every day and prioritise completing most pressing tasks. Connect Microsoft To Do with Outlook and control your flagged e-mail and Outlook Tasks at any time and location, also including mobile. Add tasks to My Day With My Day and suggestions, concentrating on yourContinue reading “Microsoft To-Do Quick Start -Plan and connect”