Change participant settings for a Teams meeting

Applies to: Microsoft Teams.

Even though standard participant settings are enforced by an org’s IT admin, a meeting organiser might opt to modify them for a certain meeting.

You can apply changes to your meeting settings prior to a meeting by finding Meeting options. There are three routes to take there:

  1. In Teams, choose Calendar Meetings button , pick a meeting, and then Meeting options.
  2. In a meeting invitation, press Meeting options.
  3. During a meeting, pick Show participants  Show participants icon  in the meeting controls. Then, above the list of participants, select Manage permissions The manage participants icon in Microsoft Teams .

Each of these will transport you to a webpage, where you’ll notice a few options for editing participant settings.

Choose who can bypass the lobby

As the meeting organiser, you control who enters your meetings directly, and who should wait in the lobby for someone to admit them.

If you decide to have people wait, you (and anyone else permitted to admit people from the lobby) will observe a list of people in the lobby. Within here, you can select whether to admit or deny them.

Who can bypass the lobby?What happensRecommended when…
People in my organisationOnly people in your org, including colleagues and guests who have different e-mail domains than you do, can access your meetings directly.You want every external guest to wait in the lobby so you can approve them individually.
People in my organisation and trusted organisationsOnly people in your Teams org and external guests from trusted organisations can enter your meetings directly.You want some external guests to wait in the lobby which allows you to approve them one by one.
EveryoneAnyone who has access to the meeting link joins the meeting directly, even vbpeople who call in.You don’t want anyone to wait in the lobby. You want everyone to be freely enter your meetings without procedural approval.

Let people calling in by phone bypass the lobby

You’ll notice a switch adjacent to Always let callers bypass the lobby. Once this setting is enabled, people calling in by phone will access your meeting without waiting for someone to register them. 

Pick the toggle to enable or disable it. 

Get notified when callers join or leave

You might want to obtain an alert anytime someone calling in by phone arrives or leaves your meeting. (Your admin might have enabled these alerts by default.)

To override this setting, choose the toggle beside Announce when callers join or leave? 

Choose who can present

Check Roles in a Teams meeting for information about picking presenters and editing someone’s role before and during a meeting. 


  • Meeting rooms are integral to your org, so they’ll join meetings precisely as any other account in your org does.
  • Meeting options is still pending support on Safari. Coming soon!

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