Collaborate in PowerPoint

Share your presentation

  1. Click Share on the ribbon.
  2. Type the people’s names or e-mail addresses you wish to share with.

Alternatively, choose the drop-down to alter permissions. Allow editing is automatically ticked. To modify permission to view only, untick this box and click Apply.

  1. Add a message if you want and press Send.

You can also click Select a link to form a link that can be embedded into an e-mail.

Co-author a presentation

  • Beneath Share, you can view who is currently working in the file.
  • Coloured flags indicate where each person is editing/updating.

Comments in presentations

  1. Click Review > New Comment. Or choose New if the Comments pane is open.
  2. Include your message in the Comments window and press Enter.
  3. Press Reply and enter your response.
  4. Choose the Next or Back buttons to move between comments and slides.
  5. Click the X in the upper-right corner of the Comments box.

Chat while editing

  • If someone else is editing your file, choose their image or initials in the upper right corner to expand a chat window.
  • Add some text and press Enter. NB: When you exit a file, your conversations won’t be stored.

Version History

  • Select File > Info > Version History.
  • In the Version History pane, decide a version to open and see it in a new window.
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