Configure page approval using Power Automate

Applies to: SharePoint Online.

Note: Page approval flows are currently available on SharePoint communication sites and modern team sites only.

Configure page approval to insert to the standard publishing process for a site. Following creating page approval flow, new and updated pages will not be published directly. However, merely by finishing the approval flow will revisions be apparent to all site viewers.

A site owner can configure page approval flow from the Power Automate menu of a pages library. Completing this process creates a page approval flow. All pages on the site require page approval before publishing.

  1. To design the page approval flow, from the pages library, press Automate Power Automate Configure page approval flow. The Configure page approval page launches.
  1. Pick Create flow. The Create a page approval flow page emerges.
  1. From the Create a page approval flow page, inspect that the flow’s name is suitable, and specify the Approvers. The Approvers should either be site owners or people with maximum control or edit permissions for the site.
  1. To configure page approval, choose Create.The pages library displays with an extra column, Approval Status, denoting the current state: Draft, Pending, Accepted, or Rejected.

Turn off page approval

To switch off page approvals for a pages library:

  1. Locate the library.
  1. Pick Settings Library Settings. If you don’t see these menu items, on the ribbon, click Library, and then choose Library settings.
  1. Below General Settings, press Versioning settings.

  1. In the Content Approval section, in response to Require content approval for submitted items?, press No, and then click OK.

Delete the page approval flow

Once you deactivate page approval, the associated page approval flow(s) is/are not deleted. To erase the page approval flow:

  1. Find the pages library.
  1. Pick Automate > Power Automate See your flows. The Power Automate website launches, and displays a list of your flows.
  1. Choose your flow’s name to navigate to the flow details.
  1. Click Delete.

After the flow is deleted, it is deleted permanently from Power Automate.

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