Create a channel in Teams


Applies to: Microsoft Teams.

Teams are composed of channels, which are the conversations you have with your teammates. Every channel is tailored to a specific topic, department, or project.

Automatically, every team member can produce channels. A standard channel is accessible for all members and anything posted is traceable by others. If you require a smaller audience for a distinct project, you can devise a private channel for your team. For a closer look, see Teams can have standard or private channels.

Once you need to create or edit a channel, apply the steps below.

Create a standard channel

To design a standard channel, begin in the team list. Locate the team name and pick More options More options button > Add channel. You can even select Manage team, and create a channel in the Channels tab. 

Add a channel to a team in Teams.

You can produce up to 200 channels over a team’s existence. That number takes into account channels you form and eventually remove. 

Create a private channel

If you want a dedicated space to talk about sensitive information like budgets, resourcing, strategic positioning and so on, design a private channel for your team. Only private channel owners or members can enter it. To understand who can see the contents of a private channel, see Private channels in Teams

You can produce a maximum of 30 private channels throughout the course of a team’s lifetime.

Note: Your admin can change this permission and limit private channel creation to certain roles.

To produce a private channel for a team:

To import members of your team to a private channel:

  1. Find the team you want to create the private channel for and choose More options  More options button > Add channel.
  2. Type a name and description for your channel.
  3. Below Privacy, click the down arrow on the right, and then press Private – Accessible only to a specific group of people within the team.
  4. Click Add. This inserts a private channel to the team.
Private channel in Teams.

Add members to a private channel

As a private channel owner, you can create or erase members, and edit private channel settings. Every person that you append is mandated to be a team member prior to joining. 

To import members of your team to a private channel:

  1. Adjacent to the private channel name, select More options  More options button > Add channel.
Add members to a private channel in Teams.
  1. Employ the Members and Settings tabs to create or delete members and instigate roles. Your private channel can contain several owners and up to 250 members.
  2. Once you’re prepared, pick Done. Members can now submit messages in the private channel.

Manage private channel creation

As a team owner, you can switch on or off members’ rights to design channels. To view and alter this option, find the Settings tab for the team.

Edit, delete, hide, or leave a channel

Choose More options More options button beside the channel name. Then, select the menu to edit, delete, hide, or leave the channel as wanted.

Note: Team owners get to decide which team members can delete channels.

Ensure you recall that after you delete a channel, you even dismiss its full conversation history. However, the OneNote sections related with that channel will continue to display on your team’s SharePoint site.

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