Create a checklist


Applies to: Microsoft Kaizala, Microsoft Teams.

Cooperate with your team by devising a shared checklist with them so that everyone can see a quick summary of what’s been completed and what’s still outstanding. 

Create a checklist 

  1. To make a checklist, choose Menu (…) below the box where you enter your message. If Checklist isn’t in the Suggestions section, search for it in the Find an app search bar or pick More apps to locate it in the Apps directory. 
  2. In the Checklist app, type a title for your checklist. Select Add item, or just press Enter to append new items. 

    Adding Items to a Checklist in Microsoft Teams
  3. After you are finished, choose Next to preview your checklist, then press Send to post it in a chat.
  4. Your teammates can then check off items and save their changes from the chat view. You will be able to view updates in real-time while they update the checklist.

Edit a checklist 

Select Edit Checklist to launch the checklist and edit its items. 

You can: 

  • Change the text of an existing item
  • Mark an item complete
  • Delete an open item
  • Unmark a completed item
  • Add a new checklist item

Once you are done, select Save Changes before exiting the view. 

Pick Download Report in the bottom right corner to download a .csv file that has a log of checklist activity. 

Manage a checklist 

  1. Choose View Result to check the results of your checklist.

    Checklist results in Microsoft Teams
  2. Press Menu (…) at the top right corner of the result view.
  3. There are options to Close Checklist and Delete Checklist in the menu. Note that these actions are accessible to the sender of the checklist only.
  4. A confirmation dialogue will emerge. Pick Confirm to leave the checklist.

Microsoft Teams Third Party Notice and Terms of Use for Poll/Survey/Checklist.

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