Create a diagram from a template

Use a Visio template to help you get started quickly with creating a diagram.

Open and find a template

  1. Choose File > New.
  1. To browse all templates, pick Categories. To see all templates in a category, press the category you want.
  1. Choose a template, read the template description, and click the right or left arrow to browse the other templates in the category.
  1. Click the template you want to use, and then press Create.

Delete a shape in your diagram

  1. Click the shape.
  1. Press Delete.

Change a shape

  1. Click the shape.
  1. Click Home > Change Shape.
  1. Pick a new shape.

Connect a new shape

  1. Pick an existing shape.
  1. Aim the arrow in your ideal direction with which the new shape should appear.
  1. Pick the shape you want to add.

Add text to a shape

  1. Pick the shape.
  1. Click Text and write the new text in the shape.
  1. Press Enter.

Move connectors and shapes

  1. Pick a connector and drag it to the shape’s point you wish to reposition it to.
  1. To align shapes in a diagram, click a shape and drag it into alignment with the shape you want.

Save the diagram

  1. Pick File > Save As.
  1. Click a location.
  1. Enter in a file name.
  1. Pick Save.

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