Create a list of sequential dates

You can easily create a list of sequential dates, in sequential order, by making use of the Fill Handle or the Fill command.

Applies to: Excel for Office 365, Excel for Office 365, for Mac, Excel 2019, Excel 2016.

Use the Fill Handle

  1. First, choose the cell that includes the first date. Drag the fill handle across the nearby cells that you want to with sequential dates.
  1. Second, click the fill handle at the lower-right corner of the cell. Next, hold down, and drag to fill the remaining series of the data. Fill handles can be dragged vertically or horizontally across a spreadsheet.
Use the Fill handle to create a list of sequential dates

Use the Fill command

  1. First, pick the cell with the first date. Next, choose the desired cell ranges you intend to fill.
  1. Second, click Home > Editing > Fill > Series > Date unit. Confirm the unit you want to use.

Tip: You can sort dates similarly like any other data. Dates are usually ordered from the earliest date to the closest date.

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