Create a plan in Planner

Create a new plan

  1. Click New plan in the left pane.
  1. In the New plan window:
  • Enter a name for the plan.

Planner assigns an e-mail address for your plan intuitively. You can apply it for conversations with every plan member.

  • Click the link to Add to an existing Office 365 Group or ignore the link if you prefer to produce a new group once you make this plan.

Note: If you don’t create a new plan to an established group, adding a plan also produces a new Office 365 Group. The plan e-mail address that Planner formulates is assigned to Outlook Group Conversations.

Publicise the plan if you want to distribute it to the remaining sections of your organisation and in search engine results, or set it to private for restricting access to merely plan members.

Note: When you make a plan public or private, you also make the Office 365 Group public or private. Learn more.

  • Confirm a Classification grade for your plan.

Note: If you don’t notice the Classification section, don’t panic. Your organisation may not be adopting the Classification capability.

  • To type a distinct description for the plan, pick Options and enter in your desired summary.
  1. Choose Create plan.
Screenshot of the New plan dialog box

Add people to a plan

  1. Click Members by the upper-right edge of the Planner window.
  1. Start entering the targeted name or e-mail address of a person within your company to insert to the plan.
  1. Pick the person’s card when it emerges.

Note: Want to add people beyond your organisation to a plan? See Guest access in Microsoft Planner.

Once you add people and tasks to your plan, you can assign people to tasks.

Screenshot of the Members list when entering the name of a new plan member.
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Set up buckets for tasks

Design buckets to arrange tasks into elements such as workstreams, project phases, or topics.

  1. Reveal the plan board.
  1. Choose Add new bucket towards the right of any current buckets.
  1. Create a name for the bucket, and then tap Enter.

Don’t see Add new bucket? The board might be grouped by something else.

Change the task grouping

  1. Choose Group by around the upper-right corner of the plan board.
  1. Pick Bucket.

Want to edit a bucket name? Choose a bucket name to overwrite changes. You can also rename the To Do bucket to one that is more practical!

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