Create a poll in Teams


Applies to: Microsoft Kaizala, Microsoft Teams.

With Poll, you can get constructive feedback on questions by creating a real-time poll right from a chat or channel in Teams.

Create a poll

  1. To create a poll, click Menu (…) below the box where you type your message. If Poll isn’t in the Suggestions section, search for it in the Find an app search bar or select More apps to find it in the Apps directory.  
  2. Enter your poll question in the Poll app followed by at least two choices for answers. You can add as many as 10 choices to a poll.
  3. Set a due date for the poll and restrict who can see poll results in Settings.
  4. When you are done, click Send Poll to publish your poll.

    Creating a Poll in the Microsoft Teams Poll app

To respond to a poll, choose an option on the poll card and click Submit Vote. As people in your group or channel vote, you will see updates to the response summary on the poll card.

View and download a Poll result

  1. To see the results of your poll, click View Result.

    Microsoft Teams Poll app results
  2. Participation Summary shows the response list along with the participants’ choices. The list of people who didn’t vote on the poll is in the adjacent tab. Click Back to return to the result summary view.
  3. Download an image of your poll’s results or a .csv file of the response list by selecting Download.

Manage a poll

1. Click View Result on the poll card to open the result view.

2. Click Menu (…) at the top right corner of the result view.

3. You’ll find options to Change Due DateClose Poll, and Delete Poll in the menu. Click one of those options to continue.

4. Click Confirm in the pop up to continue with your selection.

Microsoft Teams Third Party Notice and Terms of Use for Poll/Survey/Checklist

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