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Applies to: Microsoft Kaizala, Microsoft Teams.

Use Survey to capture data from your co-workers, get insights, and make informed decisions.

Create a survey

1. To design a Survey, click Menu (“…”) below the box where you type your message. If Survey isn’t in the Suggestions section, search for it in the Find an app search bar or select More apps to find it in the Apps directory.

2. Type a title for your survey, then use Add Question to type in survey questions. You have five question types to choose from: multi-choice, rating, text, number, and date.

3. You can force answers out of responders to ensure reliable data collection and prevent inaccurate representation. You can even duplicate, delete, or reorder question blocks.

4. Visit Settings by choosing Settings where you can decide options to confirm a due date to the survey, restrict response visibility to yourself, and determine if the survey will accept multiple responses from each person.

5. Choose Preview to see how the responders will view the questionnaire.

Survey Poll preview in Microsoft Teams

6. Then, press Send to post the survey on a chat or channel. If you must apply changes, choose Edit.

To respond to a survey, click Take Survey. Your survey will be revised when responses are added.

View responses and download your poll results

  1. Select View Results to launch the Results view.

    Microsoft Teams Survey app results
  2. The result view comprises 3 main sections:
  • Participation summary: This presents the number of responses obtained on the survey along with the total user count. Choosing the summary opens up the list of responses received.. Selecting individual items will show more detailed responses. The tab next to the response list will display a list of people who have not yet responded to the survey.
  • Self-response: Here, participants can check if they have already responded to the survey, and can see response details if they have.
  • Results summary: This offers insights on individual questions.

3. To download an image of results summary or a list as a .csv file, press Download in the bottom right corner.

Manage a survey

  1. Choose View Results on the survey card to open the Results view.
  2. Pick Menu (“…”) at the top right corner of the result view.
  3. You will discover options to Change Due DateClose Survey, and Delete Survey in the menu. Pick any one of them to proceed.
  4. A confirmation dialogue will emerge. Choose Confirm to proceed with your confirmed action.

Microsoft Teams Third Party Notice and Terms of Use for Poll/Survey/Checklist.

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