Create a team from an existing group

Applies to: Microsoft Teams.

After you make a team from an existing Office 365 group, you’ll promptly share the same group privacy (public or private) and members as the initial group.

Note: Your organisation can restrict who can create teams. If you can’t create a team or need to turn off team creation, check with your IT admin. 

  1. Begin by pressing Teams Teams button on the left side of the app, then select Join or create a team Add people to team button at the bottom of your teams list.
  2. Next, select Create team Add people to team button (first card, top left corner).
  3. From here, choose Create from…, and pick Office 365 group. You’ll notice a collection of groups that you presently own, don’t formerly have a related team, and contain under 5000 members.
  4. Pick your desired group, and a team with the exact name will generate automatically. The team will share the equal group privacy (public or private) and members as the first group.
Create a team from an existing group in Microsoft Teams


  • This option is absent for groups that exceed 5,000 members or have previously been applied to formulate another team.
  • Groups designed through Yammer are unable to be modified to a team.

Hey, want to know what to do next?

As the author of the team, you are the owner. Invite people to your team and manage team settings and permissions. For a closer check at roles and permissions, see Team owner, member, or guest capabilities in Teams.

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