Create a team from scratch


Applies to: Microsoft Teams.

If you are absent from an existing Office 365 group or team, you’re beginning with a clean slate, and you get to select how your team is organised and set up.

Once your team is formed, you’ll receive a matching Office 365 group, containinga group inbox and calendar in Outlook, a SharePoint site, and OneNote.

Note: Your organisation can restrict who can create teams. If you can’t create a team or need to turn off team creation, check with your IT admin. 

To construct a team from scratch:

  1. Start by choosing Teams Teams button on the left side of the app, then select Join or create a team Add people to team button at the bottom of your teams list.
  2. Then, pick Create team Add people to team button (first card, top left corner).
  3. Select Build a team from scratch.
  4. Next, you’ll look to pick what type of team you want this to be:

    To restrict content and conversation to a particular group of people, select Private.

    For a community or topic that anyone in the organisation can join, press Public.
  5. Give your team a name and append an optional description.
  6. Once you’re done, pick Create.
Teams create a team from scratch

Tip: If you’re a global admin, you’ll see an option to create an Org-wide team. These are great for situations when you want to automatically add all employees in your organisation. 

Hey, want to know what to do next?

As the creator of the team, you are the owner. Invite people to your team and create some channels. For a closer examination at roles and permissions, see Team owner, member, and guest capabilities in Teams.

Simply produce many teams—you can own up to 250 teams at once per account.

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