Create appointment types with corresponding e-mails

You can save time by designing various Appointment types. When you do, each time you choose an appointment type for a booking, the info or links you’ve structured (e.g. parking instructions, appointment prep details) will be e-mailed to attendees without any further action.

  1. Select More options Shifts more options icon > Settings.In the Bookings app, Go to More options > Settings
  2. Pick Appointment types >  Add button Add appointment type.

    Please bear in mind that whatever you specify for the title, confirmation message, and reminder message in the form will be e-mailed to an attendee each time you book this appointment type.
  3. After you make a New booking, you can expand the drop-down at the top of the screen   Inverted caret  to  see all Appointment types and confirm your selection. 

    Appointment type dropdown in Bookings app

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