Cross-post a new channel conversation

  1. In the channel, click Format Format button in Teams below the box where you enter your message.
  2. At the top of the box that opens, select a message write: New conversation or Announcement.
  3. Pick Post in multiple channels > Select channels.

    How to post in multiple channels
  4. Select the channels to post in or use search to discover a channel. You can post any place where you’re a member.

    Choose channels to post in.
  5. Pick Update. The To field updates and presents the channels to post in.

    Selected channels to post in
  6. Input your message and click Send. This posts your message to the picked channels.

Edit a cross-post

You can modify your initial message in a cross-post anytime by choosing More actions  More options button  in the post, and then selecting Edit  Edit button .

From here, you can even insert channels to post in, or you can erase channels from the list. Choose Post in multiple channels >Select channels to find a channel to insert. To delete a channel, simply delete it from the To field.

Lastly, for any post you produce, you can transform it to a cross-post by picking More actions  More options button , then selecting Edit  Edit button > Post in multiple channels >Select channels, and then choosing your desired channels to create.

Note: Team owners can establish moderation rules to control who can post, react, and reply to messages in a channel. For further details. see Change moderator roles and settings in a channel.

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