Do your one-on-ones in Teams

Applies to: Office for business Microsoft Teams.

Preoccupied with non-stop one-on-one meetings? Maybe you manage people, or you sync regularly with key colleagues. Whether you meet online in Teams or face-to-face, Teams can help keep things organised. Your first instinct may be to design a team for each of your one-on-one meetings, though that can become tedious gradually. And teams are strictly created for groups of three or more people. 

Now then, how should you designate your one-on-ones using Teams? The answer is chat. Here’s why:

  • Chat stores all the files you’ve shared with each other in Teams.
  • You can insert important files, web sites, and apps to the top of your chat for easy review.
  • If you meet virtually, either of you can get a call off the ground directly from your chat.

First up, pin that chat.

Pinned chats remain at the top of the chat area so it makes finding them a walk in the park. Pin the chat for every person you meet with one on one. You can pin a maximum of 15 chats.

To pin a chat, highlight the chat, then click More options  > Pin.

After you’ve pinned the chats, drag them into your desired order. Now each of your vital chats are within quick grasp.

Teams pin a chat

Pin your most frequently used chats for easy access.

Next, put important stuff in tabs at the top of your chat

Imagine if you’ve got a file that you review frequently together during your one-on-one time. To keep it focused, convert it into a tab that’s integral to your chat. To do this, when you’ve shared the file in the chat, select Add a tab (the + sign) at the top of the chat. Select the type of file it is, then the file itself. 

You can use a OneNote tab for features such as agenda and meeting notes. Tabs can even be links to other elements—like a PowerBI dashboard, a project task board, a whiteboard, or a website.

Get at a frequently used file by making it a tab.

Tip: Remove tabs that are no longer relevant to keep your chat tidy and manageable.

A little more about Files

Your chat with a person documents the files you and that person share with each other in Teams—all directly on the Files tab. It could be a living document that you’re formulating together, or a one-off review, if it’s been shared in your chat, you can access it in the Files tab. 

Here are two ways to share files in chats:

  • Select Files on the left side of Teams, highlight the file, press More options  > Copy link, and paste the link straight into a message.
  • In the toolbar below your message, pick Attach Choose file button , and upload your document.
Teams Files View

The Files tab in your chat shows all the files you’ve shared with each other.

When you’re ready to meet

If you meet virtually, you can get the ball rolling straight from your chat. In the chat, glance in the upper right corner for the Video call and Audio call buttons. 

Video call, Audio call, and Add people buttons

When you’re in a call, either of you can share your screen so you can check things together—like one of those vital files or websites you place in a tab at the top of your chat.  

That’s it!

Abracadabra!—a customised space for your one-on-ones, with all your necessities you both need within touching distance. 

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