Edit a file in Teams


Applies to: Microsoft Teams.

To get the ball rolling, pick a file; either from your files list that’s found on the left side of the app, the files tab at the top of a chat or channel, or one linked to a message.

As a presetting, the file will launch in edit mode within Teams and you can begin applying changes immediately. To access an Office file on the web or in its desktop app, right-click the file or choose More options  Format icon in Teams. on the right side of the app.

Open a file

While editing a file in Teams, your ribbon of tools will reside at the top of the window. With your basic tools, you’ll even receive four buttons in the top right corner.

  • Comments: This is where you can enter comments while checking the document. Exactly like you would in any Office app.
  • Conversation: This will present you the chat or channel thread within Teams hat links to the file.
  • More options (those three dots): This is where you can select to launch in a browser, the desktop app, or download the file.
  • Close: This will exit the file and return you back to your original location in Teams once you initially accessed the file.

Non-Office files are unchangeable after you upload them to Teams. You must update your first files in their associated apps, then upload them again.

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