Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet software which arranges numerical or text data in spreadsheets or workbooks.

Excel Basics

SUM Function

COUNT Function

AVERAGE Function

Time & Date

Calculate the difference between two dates

Create a new workbook

Insert or delete a worksheet

Move or copy worksheets or worksheet data

Print a worksheet or workbook

Share your Excel workbook with others

Inserting or deleting rows, and columns

Automatically number rows

Combine text from two or more cells into one cell

Align or rotate text in a cell

Change the format of a cell

Copy cell formatting

Move or duplicate cells and cell contents

Number Formatting in Excel

Define and use names in formulas

Summary of Excel formulas

Sort data in a table

Filter data in a range

Making a PivotTable

Produce a Chart

Add or delete titles in a chart

Format chart elements

Display or hide a chart legend or data table

Insert or delete a secondary axis in an Excel chart

Insert a trend or moving average line to the chart

Analyse your data instantly

Update an existing chart’s data

Use sparklines to display chart trends

Create a watermark in Excel

Display or hide zero values

Produce a custom number format

Total the data in an Excel table

Use slicers to filter data

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