Explore the Activity feed in Teams

Applies to: Microsoft Teams.


Activity feed basics

Pick Activity Activity button to check your Activity feed, a highlights reel of everything that’s occurred in the channels that reside in your teams list. Choose Filter Filter button at the top right corner of the feed to present distinct kinds of messages like unread messages, @mentions, replies, and likes.

After a red circle emerges beside to Activity Activity button , you get a notification—such as an @mention or a reply—in your feed. These notifications stay in your feed for 14 days. Longer than this, they expire and cease displaying in your feed.

Notes: Another way to check your notifications is to use the command box at the top of Teams.

  • Enter /unread to see your unread channel notifications.
  • State /mentions to check all your @mentions.
Activity button with two notifications

For a more precise feed, visit the Feed menu and pick My activity. You’ll obtain a list of your complete activity up to now in Teams.

Activity feed symbols

We embedded special symbols to various types of notifications in your feed. Effectively, you can scan through your feed and prioritise according to the following:

At mention button@mentions of you specifically.
Teams button@team mentions for teams you’re on.
Channel mention button@channel mentions in teams you’re on.
Reply buttonReplies to your posts.
Like buttonPosts you liked.
Add people to team buttonYou were added to a team.
Team owner buttonYou were made a team owner.
Trending buttonTrending posts.
Suggested Feed Item ButtonSuggested posts.

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