Export Access web app tables to SharePoint

Applies to: Access for Microsoft 365, Access 2019, Access 2016, Access 2013.

This article explores how to export Access web app tables to SharePoint lists. After you export your tables, a SharePoint List is made for each table in your Access web app and data is exported to each list.

Export Access web app tables to SharePoint

To export your Access web app tables to SharePoint lists, take the following steps.

  1. Start your Access web app in your web browser, and then select Settings > Export to SharePoint Lists. Export to SharePoint Lists command on the Settings gear menu
  1. You’ll view a confirmation message asking if you’re certain you want to export the tables. Pick Yes to continue or choose No if you want to stop exporting your tables.
Screenshot of confirmation dialog box. Clicking yes exports the data to SharePoint lists and clicking no cancels the export.

Note: If you don’t have permissions to design SharePoint sub-sites, you’ll notice an error message after pressing Yes. You’ll need to have permissions to create SharePoint sub-sites in order to export your Access web app tables to SharePoint lists through this process.

  1. SharePoint presents an informational message informing you know where it’s going to export the data and that it could take several minutes to complete. Press OK to continue.Screenshot of export to SharePoint lists message with an OK button.
  2. SharePoint takes you to a SharePoint list in a new subsite that showcases progress of the export procedure. Refresh your browser after a few minutes to see the present state of the export. SharePoint produces a new record in this list for each individual step of the export process. You’ll even get an e-mail notification notifying you know that the export process commenced.SharePoint list with record titled requested to export Access web app
  1. After SharePoint finishes exporting all tables, you’ll notice a record called Export Completed in the export status list. Note, you may have to constantly refresh your browser until you see this record. You’ll also obtain an e-mail notification telling you that the export process is done. If you don’t want to keep refreshing your browser, you can simply wait until you acquire that e-mail before returning to this status list.
SharePoint list with record titled Export Completed
  1. Travel to the Site Contents page to glance at all the lists made from your Access web app. Each list is labelled equally as your Access web app table.SharePoint subsite page containing lists from exported Access web app
  2. Choose a list name to access the list in datasheet view to see the data and columns.
SharePoint list with six contact records displayed

Data type conversion

The following table details how the several data types are exported from Access web apps to SharePoint lists.

Access web app data typeSharePoint list data type
Short TextSingle line of text
LongTextMultiple lines of text
Date/TimeDate and Time
HyperlinkHyperlink or Picture
ImageHyperlink or Picture
Lookup (for relationship)Lookup
Lookup (static list)Choice
CalculatedThis data type is not exported.

Note: Lookup fields that use Calculated data types for their display value won’t be exported.

Note: Linked tables to SharePoint lists within the Access web app won’t be exported as part of this process.

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