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Organise shifts by group

In a new schedule, begin with one untitled group, label it, then append people and shifts to it. You can create extra groups and assign names to each of them to your preferences. Group names aid organising your team members by role or department on the schedule. For example, a hotel may contain have the following groups: “Front Desk”, “Room Service”, and “Valet”.

It’s worthwhile to design groups before you start importing people to the schedule. People and their shifts are immovable from one group to another.

To create a group:

  • Select Add group and enter a group name.
Organize shifts by groups in Microsoft Teams Shifts

To name or rename a group:

  • Select Enter group name or the name of a current group and state a new name.

When you’ve added your groups, you’re prepared to assign people to them.

Add people to the schedule

Organise your schedule by groups to allow you to join people to the standard group.

  1. Find your desired group to add someone to and select Add people to group.

    Adding a person to a group in Microsoft Teams Shifts
  2. Write their name or email and pick them in the list.
  3. Press Add.
  4. Keep adding people if required, and then click Close after you’re finished.


  • A schedule is associated with a team in Teams, so you can solely add members of that team to the schedule. If you don’t find your sought person to join, use the Manage team link to appoint them a team member or owner. (Owners can create and update schedules.)
  • Changes you apply to the team may be temporarily unavailable immediately in Shifts, so if you don’t find your desired new team member to add to the schedule, wait a short while and try again.

Add a shift

To add a shift manually:

  1. In the row of the person you’re assigning the shift to, below your target date, choose More options button > Add shift, or simply double-click the blank shift.
  2. Complete the information for the shift. Take into account choosing a theme colour to organise categories.
  3. Label the shift to distinguish it from other shifts. Automatically, the shift name is its start and end time.
  4. Create notes for the shift, such as “tasks to be done”.
  5. Insert breaks or lunch in the Activities section.
  6. Pick Save to save without sharing, or Share if you’re done with this and ready to save and share the shift with the team.

To base a new shift on an existing one

Locate the row of the person you’re assigning the shift to. Below your desired date, select More options button , and then pick the shift from the list. If the list is extensive, you can filter for your sought one.

To copy a shift to another place in the schedule

On a current shift, press More options button > Copy, and then find your specific location for placing the shift and select More options button > Paste.

Add an open shift

Insert an open shift now and transfer it to someone later within your schedule planning or share it with the team so people can request it.

  1. In the Open shifts row below the date you’re creating the shift for, pick More options button , then press + Add shift to begin from square one, or pick an existing shift from the list to relay the new one on.
  2. Populate the information for the shift, including your preferred number of slots to allocate. To locate the number of slots, slide the Open shift switch to On.
  3. Entitle the shift to differentiate it from other shifts. Intuitively, the shift name is the start and end time.
  4. Append activities like breaks or lunch.
  5. Select Save to save without sharing, or Share if you’re prepared to save and share the open shift with the team.

Notes: If you want to edit the shift after you’ve shared it with the team, here are two points to remember:

  • If you change the number of slots available, you’ll have to select Share. You can’t save your changes and share it later.
  • If you edit the start or end time of the shift, all pending requests for that shift will be denied automatically once you share it again with the team.

Share a schedule with your team

Once you set changes to the schedule, you get to decide when to share those revisions with the team. You can rearrange things in the schedule until you’ve got everything to your liking. Any applied changes you create will be noted with an asterisk (*)—there’s an asterix on the Share with team button, too, only to remind you to share the updates with colleagues.

To share the schedule:

  1. Press Share with team.

    Sharing a team schedule in Microsoft Teams Shifts
  2. Check the timeframe that’s chosen is what you seek to share.
  3. Confirm if you want to update the entire team or only the people affected by the changes.
  4. Pick Share.

Open a different schedule

Here’s how to enter another schedule if you’re on several teams:

  1. At the top left of Shifts, press More button Menu.
  2. Pick your desired team to initiate working on the other schedule.

Copy a schedule

  1. Click Copy Schedule at the top right of the app.
  2. Pick the start and end dates for your preferred timeframe to copy.
  3. Press Shift notesTime off, Activities, or Open shifts if you seek to add them.
  4. Choose Copy, and a replicate schedule will display under the copied schedule.

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