Five things to know about apps in Microsoft Teams


Applies to: Microsoft Teams.

Apps give you more freedom in Teams. Consider the tools, files, and dashboards your org currently employs. Most of them can be integrated directly into Teams. You can also discover new ones by visiting Apps  Store button .

Browse Apps in MS Teams

Here are five considerations to learn and remember about apps:

1. You can use apps in tabs in both chats and channels.

Once you work with various people, you want relative information and wide-ranging tools at your disposal. You can insert pertinent files and apps as tabs to any Teams conversation.

For example, your team may review a Trello board multiple times a day. Or a smaller group could seek to collaborate on a PowerPoint deck. To complete such work in Teams, Add a tab Add button  at the top of a chat or channel to begin.

Note: To convert a specific file into a tab, you or a teammate must first upload it to Files or attach it to a message in the chat or channel. After you select your app, you’ll be presented files of that type for you to choose for the tab.

2. Messages can be more than just text, thanks to apps.

Some apps enable you to import content from the app straight into Teams messages. These messages are packed full of info, have certain operations, or merely look amazing. 

To apply one, pick More options button  under the box where you input a message and select an app. 

Box where you type Messages in Microsoft Teams

Right-click a favourite app to Pin Pin  it for quick access.

3. Some apps answer questions and follow commands.

A familiar benefit of Teams is collaborating with colleagues—a more unfamiliar advantage is working with bots!

You can engage with bots by @mentioning them in chats, channels, or search. For example, you can chat with Survey Monkey to design a new poll directly from a message itself. Or @mention Wikipedia in the Command box to locate and share articles.

Bots might not deliver the same glowing, reassuring feelings as your colleagues, but they are excellent timesavers with managing specific tasks.

4. App notifications keep the right people informed.

Are there particular notifications that are helpful to the entire team? Track down your desired channel, choose More options  More options button > Connectors, and select an app. Then, you’ll be urged to structure notifications.

5. Some apps offer a personal view.

Any app with a personal view will display on the left side of Teams. Within here, you can get a bird’s eye view of your tasks or simply have somewhere to do whatever you want! 

Personal apps

Right-click any app icon to Pin  Pin it for fast access.  Unpin

A final note: Each app will contain one or additional features explained in this article. Read its description to see what it can do. Regardless of where you insert an app, every one of its features will be ready to use… in all the right areas in Teams!

Are you a developer? You can create custom apps for your org or for the public to use in Teams. Learn more by visiting the Microsoft Teams Developer Platform .

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