Form a team or communication site

  1. From your SharePoint Online homepage, click + Create site.
  2. There are 2 choices of site options to select:

Team Site

  • Cooperate on projects
  • View team-related updates
  • Keep on track with a shared calendar and organised tasks.
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Communication Site

  • Share updates or information widely
  • Interact with a huge audience
  • Use the latest, visual formats.

NB: Despite there being 2 site options to decide between, the remainder of this tutorial outlines how to produce a Team Site.

3. Choose Team Site.

4. Enter a site name and verify if it is available.

NB: A matching Office 365 group is produced with every team site in Office 365, removing the requirement to create an e-mail distribution list. Anyone can contact your whole team with this e-mail address. 

5. Enter your site description.

6. Confirm a privacy setting.

7. Select a sensitivity level and an automated language for your site. When you’re done, click Next.

NB: To choose data sensitivity and an initial language for your site, your administrator(s) must have activated these features.

8. Add extra site owners and group members as necessary.

9. Press Finish.

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