Format in Visio

Format a shape

1. Click the particular shape you prefer to format.

2. On the Home tab, pick an option:

Shape Styles – Confirm a style.

Fill – Click a colour, No Fill, or More Colours. Press Fill Options to view all options.

Line – Choose the colour, weight, or type of line. Press Line Options to see all options.

Effects – Pick an effect: ShadowReflectionGlowSoft EdgesBevel3-D Rotation.

Add text to the drawing page

1. Click Home > Text tool button Text or press Ctrl+2.

2. Drag to draw a text box.

3. Enter the text.

4. Select outside the text box or press Esc.

5. Press Home > Pointer button Pointer Tool or press Ctrl+1 after you’re finished inserting text.

For more, see Add, edit, move, or rotate text in Visio.

Apply Themes and Variants

Give your Visio drawing a professional look.

1. On the Design tab, choose one of the Themes.

Hover over each theme to preview it.

2. Click one of the Variants.

Press More More button to view more Themes and Variants.

Select a background

1. Press Design > Backgrounds.

2. Click a background:

  • Solid
  • Vertical, Horizontal, Corner, and Centre Gradients
  • World
  • Verve
  • Flow
  • Technic
  • Currency

The background colour updates with the Themes and Variants.

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