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Applies to: Office for business, Microsoft Teams.

Welcome to Shifts, the schedule management tool for priority workers. Whether you’re devising a schedule for your team or swapping shifts with a teammate, we’ve got you covered.

We’ve optimised the web and desktop apps for those who organise the schedule. You’ve got ample capacity to do your planning for the upcoming day, week, or month and then adapt to varying needs as they arise. 

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Open the Shifts app

See your shifts

Create a schedule

See the team schedule

Open a different schedule

Open the Shifts app

You’ll see Shifts on the left side of Teams with the other apps. Simply select it to begin working on your schedule. If you don’t notice it there, choose More apps More options button and locate it in the list.

See your shifts

Monitor all your upcoming shifts in a team schedule.

  1. Select More options More options button and then Shifts.
  2. Your shifts for the current week will emerge.
  3. Pick Day or Month buttons above the list of dates to tighten or widen your view.

Note: If you’re a manager or admin, you’ll see everyone’s shifts for the current week.

Create a schedule

In Shifts, each Teams team is assigned one schedule to work with, and you can design a schedule for any team you’re an owner of.

If it’s your first time using Shifts and your teams have no schedules at the moment, stay calm, we’ll walk you through the process of devising one and offer you some hints about how to use the app.

From the app, you can produce a schedule for a Teams team currently without one:

  1. Find the top left of the app and pick the team name.
  2. Press Create team and decide your desired team to devise a schedule for.
  3. Ensure the time zone is right for the shifts you’ll be scheduling, and then select Create.

Now that you’ve produced a schedule, the next step is to fill it out.

Import a schedule into Shifts

Import the data from an established schedule so you can begin handling everything in Shifts.

  1. If you still must do so, enter Shifts in Teams and create the schedule for your sought team. This is what you’ll be transferring your data to. Or if that’s already handled, access that schedule in Shifts to get started.
  2. At the top right, press More options  More options button > Import schedule.
  3. Download the sample file and read the accompanied instructions within.
  4. Employing the sample as a guide, place your schedule data in an Excel file. This is what you’ll upload into Shifts.

Note: You can even add your data to the sample file if you want. Just remember to delete the sample information before you upload the file.

  1. When you’ve imported your data and checked everything appears in working order, click Upload file.
  2. Once importing is complete, confirm that the schedule seems right in Shifts. Then, choose Share with team once you’re ready for everyone to view it.

See the team schedule

Discover who’s got a shift on any given day.

  1. Find More options More options button on the far-left side of the app and pick Shifts.
  2. You can edit the dates you’re checking with the buttons at the top of the frame.

Within there, you can choose a shift to scan the details, swap it, or give it to someone else.

Open a different schedule

Here’s how to access another schedule if you’re on numerous teams.

  1. Go to More options More options button on the far-left side of the app and select Shifts.
  2. Scroll down to locate your team.
  3. You can alter the dates you’re seeing with the buttons at the top of the frame.

Inside here, you can pick a shift to view the details, swap it, or assign it to someone else.

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