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Applies to: Microsoft Teams.

Overview of Patients

Patient care teams can compile and monitor lists of patients for rounds, interdisciplinary team meetings, and more with Patients. This version of Patients supports direct entry of patient information into lists and enables exporting as .xlsx files.

Open Patients

If Patients is accessible and installed on your team, you’ll locate it in the General channel as a tab. Choose the tab to launch Patients. If Patients is not set up, please contact your team owner.

Set up Patients for the first time

Important: Only team owners can add the Patients app to a team.

Patients can presently be added only to the General channel of a team. (If you need to create the team where you want to use Patients, see Create a team from scratch, then come back here.

When you have the team where you want to use Patients, follow these steps:

  1. Select Store button Apps in the bottom-left corner of Teams.
  2. Search for “Patients” and choose it from the results.
  3. Pick Add to a team.
  4. Append the name of the team or channel where you want to install Patients.
  5. Choose Set up a tab.
  6. If you want to post about Patients, tick the box beside Post to the channel about this tab, then press Save.

Create a patient list

After you’ve added Patients to your team or channel, you can design a patient list.

  1. Choose the team whose General channel you’d prefer to add Patients to. 
  2. In the Add fields screen, you’ll notice four default fields: NameMedical Record Number (MRN)Location, and Date of Birth. You can amend, erase, rearrange, and create additional fields. Any fields here will transform into columns in the patient list. They’ll emerge in their order in which they were inputted. Reorder fields by dragging and dropping with the drag handle, or by using the given keyboard shortcuts (CTRL + Shift/CMD + Up/Down).
  3. Next, customise the Title and three Subtitles. The Title will show at the top of the patient details view and the Subtitles display right under. This facilitates detecting patients at a glimpse.
  4. Choose Next, double check that the fields are ordered in your desired way, then press Confirm.

Add a field to a patient list

  • Pick Add button Add field and select either Patients text icon Text or Patients multiple choice icon Multiple choice.
    • If you picked Patients text icon Text, complete the field and press Enter or choose Add button Add field to add another field.
    • If you selected Patients multiple choice icon Multiple choice, type the sought options by clicking Add button Add item.

Tip: You can insert colours to multiple-choice options by clicking Patients square icon at the left of each item.  

Add patients to a patient list 

  1. Click Add button Add patient.

    Image depicts + Add patient in the Microsoft Teams Patients app
  2. State the patient’s name in the Name field.
  3. Input any other relevant information in the remaining fields.
  4. Press Save at the top right.

Tip: Bold or italicise the text in any text field by hovering over it and choosing More options button More options.

Remove a patient from a list

  1. Hover over the patient entry, by the right of the leftmost column, then pick More options button More options > Remove.

    Image depicts how to remove a patient in the Microsoft Teams Patients app

This will delete the patient entry and its entire data from the list.

Add or change the columns in a patient list

  1. Choose   More options button More options > Edit fields.

    Image focuses on + Add field in the Microsoft Teams Patients app
  2. Click + Add field and decide between text or multiple choice fields.
  3. To rearrange columns, utilise the Patients drag handle icon drag handles or the quick keys (CTRL + Shift/CMD + Up/Down), then press Patients okay icon Done.

Switch between patient lists

Pick the Patients chevron icon beside the title of the patient list you’re checking, then confirm your sought list to move to.

Delete a patient list

  1. Choose the Patients chevron icon at the upper left area of the app.
  2. Hover over the entry for your target list to delete, then choose More options button More options > Delete button Remove.

    Removing a patients list from the Microsoft Teams Patients app

Note: Currently, you can only delete lists that are not Set as default. To delete the default list, create a new list and set it as default first.  

 Edit patient information

  1. Find and choose the patient’s entry in the pertinent list, and then press Edit.
  2. Type any new information into the right fields.
  3. Press Save.

Inside here, click the Patients x icon by the right of the Edit button to return to the patient list view.

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