Hide, mute, or pin a chat in Teams

Applies to: Microsoft Teams.


Even though you can’t delete a chat in Teams, you can withdraw it from your chat list or mute it so you cease obtaining notifications. Here are further details.

Hide a chat

Although you can’t delete a complete chat, you can conceal a chat from your chat list if it’s irrelevant to you. To hide a chat, pick Chat  Open chat button to access the chat list. Next to your preferred chat to hide, choose More options  More options button > Hide.

Mute or hide a chat in Teams

The chat will remain hidden until someone posts a new message to it. (And you can always resume an old conversation that you’ve hidden as well.)

You can always delete individual messages that you’ve sent.

Mute a chat

Once you mute a chat, you’ll still be associated to the conversation, but won’t receive notifications from it. 

Click Chat  Open chat button to open the chat list. Locate the name of your target chat to mute. Then, press More options More options button > Mute. If you reconsider, simply pick it again and unmute it. 

An icon displays beside the names of the participants to notify you that the chat has been muted.

Pin a chat

You can pin regular conversations to the top of your chat list.

Pick Chat Open chat button to open the chat list. Track down the name of the conversation you want to pin. Then, choose More options  More options button > Pin. This guarantees that the chat remains at the top of your list. If you decide otherwise, merely pick it again and unpin it. 

Teams pin a chat

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