Insert app content into a message

Some apps enable you to add content from the app straight into Teams messages. These messages are jam-packed full of details, have capabilities, or just appear stunning.

  1. To create an app with messaging capabilities, click More options More options button  below the compose box.
  2. Select an app and follow the prompts to add the app.

After inserting the app, a tiny version of the app icon will emerge beside your message formatting options. The image under reflects how it manifests once three apps—Trello, SurveyMonkey, and Custom Stickers—have been imported. As the amount of added apps increases, some of the small icons will be kept out of view. Locate the hidden ones instantly by checking below More options  More options button .

Note: Many apps mandate you to own an account and will urge you to sign in with credentials during the set up process.

Example in which the apps Trello, SurveyMonkey, and Custom Stickers--three apps with messaging capabilities-- have been added to Teams.

To add app content into a message, choose the small app icon of your preference, and follow the instructions of that specific app.

Pin an app for messaging

You can pin a favourite app to ensure its small icon is constantly visible anytime you continue to enter a message. Press More options  More options button , right-click your desired app, and choose Pin  Pin .

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