Insert or delete a worksheet

In Excel, you can quickly add, rename, and delete worksheets in your workbook. This blog post will teach you how to insert or delete a worksheet.

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Insert a worksheet

  • Click the plus icon at the bottom of the screen.
  • Or, click Home > Insert > Insert Sheet.
Insert Cells

Rename a worksheet

  • Double-click the sheet name on the Sheet tab to swiftly rename it.
  • Or, right-click directly on the Sheet tab, select Rename, and enter a new name.

Delete a worksheet

  • Right-click the Sheet tab and press Delete.
  • Or, choose the specific sheet, and then click Home > Delete > Delete Sheet.

Need more help?

If there is any part of how to insert or delete a worksheet that puzzled you, you can always ask an expert in the Excel Tech Community, get support in the Answers community, or suggest a new feature or improvement on Excel User Voice.

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