Introduction to Delve

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What is Delve?

Delve is a data presentation and search tool that integrates aspects of social networking and machine learning with the search function of the Microsoft Office 365 selection.

With Delve, you can:

  • Link with and co-operate with others.
  • Search for individuals, documents, or boards.
  • Check which documents are being edited by other people or discover more about them.
  • Learn and arrange information throughout Office 365.
  • Select a document as a favourite or to add to a board for quick access at a later time.
  • Keep connected and productive from any location.

Note: Delve never alters any permissions, so you will only view documents that you previously had access to. Your private documents will be seen by others. See learn more about privacy.

Signing in

  1. Enter or into the Address Bar and sign in with your personal account.
  2. On the Office 365 homepage, click the app launcher by the top of the browser window.
  3. Choose the Delve tile in the app launcher, or on the homepage.
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